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This is not only a great addition to any home but also a necessary solution to possible drought and rising municipal water bills. No need to search for “water tanks Polokwane” or “water tank plumber”, call us directly for an assessment and quote. You won’t be sorry as we have many satisfied customers that will agree that our water tank installation is top quality.

Not every household has the means to afford the huge expenses of installing a borehole and there might not even be a guarantee that underground water could be found under your property. Rain water harvesting on the other hand could be done anywhere and in fact should be harvested if at all possible. Here’s why. Rain water harvesting helps save water and money. The municipal water supply and underground pipes are not in the condition we would like it to be. Many areas in and around Polokwane can find themselves without water for days and sometimes for up to a week or more due to burst pipes or unscheduled emergency reparations. Having a tank or more on your property connected to your grey water system could save a household or business during those times.

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Did you know that using municipal water for your garden is not healthy for the soil? Healthy soil needs healthy bacteria just like your gut. By using municipal water that has been treated with chlorine to kill bacteria that might be harmful to people will also end up killing the healthy bacteria in your soil and gut. Rainwater is the best water to use for your garden and for that matter also your gut. A grey water system could then be added to the rainwater tanks to supply your home with water in the event that your municipal water supply is cut for some reason. We could also connect the rain water tank to your drinking water, add a proper water filter to your drinking water faucet and you’ll have wonderful chlorine free and bug free water to drink for your whole family. 

It is also very important that your gutter system is done well and doesn’t have any leaks. Your roof and gutter system is key to catching and channeling the rain water to the tank. The water tank that is used to harvest the rain water is also important to be of high quality to keep your water clean and safe.

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When searching for “water tanks Polokwane” or “water tank plumber” make sure to look for Strydom Plumbers and contact us to give you a quote on either a water tank installation, rainwater harvest system, grey water systems or emergency water storage solution. We have dealt with many water tank installations and can also recommend on the best water tank and rain gutters from a reputable supplier. We can help you with a system to suit your budget or a state of the art systems depending on your need and budget. 

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