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Solar Geyser Installation

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A solar geyser installation is probably one of your wisest investments when looking to lower your electricity bill and getting off the grid. With load shedding doing the rounds or always looming, this is the way to go. Did you know that your electrical geyser uses a very big part of your monthly electricity usage? By switching to a solar geyser you will end up saving so much on your electricity bill and in that way you are paying off your solar geyser in a blink of the eye.

Solar Geyser Polokwane

When looking for a solar geyser plumber in Polokwane, look no further. Strydom Plumbers has the expertise, qualifications and years of experience when it comes to solar geysers. There are a few very important things to consider when installing a solar geyser on your property.
Here are a few:

  • Size of your reservoir
  • Pipe diameter
  • Tank location
  • Type of solar geyser system

These are all very important factors to take into consideration and will in the end have a huge impact on your hot water supply and could be a determining factor on whether or not you will be able to take a nice hot shower or long hot bath.

Solar Geyser Plumber

When searching for “solar geyser Polokwane” you will come across a few sites that claim they can install solar geysers any time. Be careful when choosing a solar geyser plumber. Not everyone has the necessary qualifications and know how to do a solar geyser installation cost effective and right. With our experience we can make sure that you have enough hot water, 24/7, even if the outside temperatures are cold. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind before installing your solar geyser:

Direct or indirect thermosyphon 

There are two types of configurations when it comes to solar geysers: direct thermosiphon or indirect thermosiphon systems. 

The direct system is where the sun heats the water directly and the geyser doesn’t need to be protected in cold conditions. That means that it doesn’t offer extra insulation for the water reservoir. This system is ideal for coastal areas or areas with a moderate climate. In other words areas that don’t reach temperatures of 0 or below 0 degrees Celsius. 

The indirect system is meant for the really cold areas where the temperature reaches 0 degrees Celsius or below. Since the system is on the roof and is exposed to frost, the pipes need extra insulation. It is therefore fitted with an extra layer around the cylinder that gets filled with an insulating liquid called glycol. This keeps the water in the tank from freezing or cooling too fast.  

Size of reservoir

The size of the reservoir or tank varies from household to household. Not sure what capacity your family or household might need? Well the general rule is that for every person in the household you can add 50L of hot water usage per day. Then add another 50L for general use like washing or dishwashers. It is also best practice to install a slightly larger solar geyser reservoir than your regular electrical geyser. If you use a 100L electrical geyser currently, your solar geyser should be a 150L capacity. 

There are other factors to take note of and our team can discuss all the viable options with you once they have accessed your property, your budget and your family or household’s needs. Call us today for your solar geyser installation quote. 

When searching for “solar geyser Polokwane” or “solar geyser plumber” be on the lookout for Strydom Plumbers. Or go to strydomplumberspolokwane.co.za to make an appointment today.

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