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Plumbing Maintenace


When looking for plumbers in Polokwane, Strydom Plumbers is your go to. Our team is dedicated to serve you in all your plumbing needs. We have a friendly team ready for your call. You will find that Strydom Plumbers of all the plumbers in Polokwane are experienced and efficient in…

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Drain Unblocking


A blocked drain can be a nasty business. Not only is it a health risk to you and your family, it’s also disgusting when water clogs up and release smells that should have stayed underground. The Strydom Plumber team unblocked thousands of drains over the years. Our team is ready to come and assist you with your…

blocked drain that has been unblocked

Geyser installation


When it comes to geyser installation you need to have peace of mind that you are getting the right geyser for your family or business purposes and the right plumber to install it for you in the right way. There are more to installing a geyser than meets the eye.  Contact us directly…

geyser installation plumber in polokwane

water tank installation


Not every household has the means to afford the huge expenses of installing a borehole and there might not even be a guarantee that underground water could be found under your property. Rain water harvesting on the other hand could be done anywhere and in fact should be harvested if at all possible. Here’s why…

water tank installation process plumbing

solar geysers


A solar geyser installation is probably one of your wisest investments when looking to lower your electricity bill and getting off the grid. 

With load shedding doing the rounds or always looming, this is the way to go. Did you know that your electrical geyser uses a very big part of your monthly electricity usage? 

solar geyser installed by plumber in polokwane

Blocked toilet


A blocked toilet can be caused by a number of issues and sometimes it could feel like a mystery. This is also one of those jobs that no one wants to have. But fixing a blocked toilet is no mystery or job to dirty for us at Strydom Plumbers. Don’t waste your time searching for…

toilet installation by polokwane plumber

leak detection


If you are receiving unexplained high water bills or there are damp spots on your wall or ceiling, it could be that you one of your pipes are leaking. This is a problem that could hold some serious consequences and even your life or health could be in danger…

leak detection plumber results

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