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When looking for plumbers in Polokwane, Strydom Plumbers is your go to. Our team is dedicated to serve you in all your plumbing needs. We have a friendly team ready for your call. You will find that Strydom Plumbers of all the plumbers in Polokwane are experienced and efficient in our field. We also give value for money service without compromising an inch on excellence.

Our customers in Polokwane are loyal and can vouch for our excellent service. Whatever your problem is, general plumbing issues or installations, solar geyser installation, leak detection, water tank installation, etc. we are the plumbers in Polokwane who got you covered. Residential up to large corporations, we are your plumbers in Polokwane to call.

At Strydom Plumbers we have the right equipment for the right job. If it comes to legislation or technology regarding plumbing or water heating we are Polokwane plumbers at their best. Our guidance and advice will take your needs and your environment needs into consideration to offer you practical and cost-effective solutions.

When you call us, you can count on

  • Expert service
  • Fast response time
  • Fair, market-related quotes
  • High-quality work
  • Professional conduct
  • No hidden fees

Here’s a quick overview of the services we offer:

  1. Plumbing emergencies
  2. New construction – complete plumbing systems
  3. Water tank installations
  4. Leak detection
  5. Geyser repairs
  6. New geyser installation
  7. Electrical geysers
  8. Solar geysers
  9. Toilet Installation
  10. Toilet Repair
  11. Unblocking blocked drains
  12. Residential Plumbing
  13. Commercial Plumbing
  14. Industrial Plumbing


Here is a summary of some of our main services:

Leak detection

If you are receiving unexplained high water bills or there are damp spots on your wall or ceiling, it could be that one of your pipes are leaking. This is a problem that could hold some serious consequences and even your life or health could be in danger, not to mention the irreparable damage that it can cause to furniture or the structure of your home. This should not be neglected. As a plumber in Polokwane I have seen some really bad cases.

Water that forms a pool could put a small child’s life in danger with the possibility of drowning. It could also create an electrical hazard. Don’t compromise your health by allowing mold and bacteria to grow in your home unrestrained due to a water leak. Strydom Plumbers are the Polokwane plumber that can help you find the leak and fix it.

Geyser installation and repairs

Have you ever found yourself in hot water by running out of hot water due to a burst or faulty geyser? Your geyser capacity could also be the problem. This is not a situation you would want for your family or as a landlord for your tenant. As plumbers in Polokwane we have come across and fixed various problems when it comes to geysers.

Call us if your geyser is not heating at all or not enough, when it is overheating or tripping the mains, etc. Need a geyser with greater capacity for the growing family? Need to lower your rising electricity bill by insulating and adding a timer on your current geyser? Or want to go all out and replace your electrical geyser with a solar geyser?

We are the plumbers in Polokwane that can help you.

Solar Geysers

You are in the right country and province for solar geysers. With so much sunshine you would be wise to consider replacing your electrical geyser with a solar geyser, not to mention our current issues with load shedding. With Eskom’s ever rising electricity rates switching to solar geysers will definitely help with some “load shedding” on your electricity bill. Contact Strydom Plumbers today for a quote on switching to solar geysers.

Blocked Drains or Blocked Toilet

These are very common problems and ones we have dealt with efficiently many times. Not every blocked drain is caused by the same problem. Some blocked drains are the cause of old pipes that collapse or crack and allow tree roots to enter and block the pipe. Some get blocked over time due to sediment that builds up in the pipes.

Flushing down foreign objects in your toilet or basin can also cause drains to get blocked. Remember to be careful with hot oils or fat in your zink. These cool down in the pipes and have a tendency to pack together and form a buildup and eventually a complete block. Rather allow oils and fat to cool down and dispose of it in your bin.

Most of us have come across a blocked drain at some point in our lives and can testify of the horrible smell and possibly disgusting overflow of sewerage. This can be a serious health hazard and one that is best left to us at Strydom Plumbers. We’ll come out as fast as we can to assess the situation and deal with your blocked drain or toilet professionally and efficiently with the right tools.

We also respect your space and make sure to clean up after the job so that you don’t sit with the mess afterwards. No blocked drain has ever blocked us from fixing it, be it at a school, home or even a large office block, we can handle it.

Water Tank Installations

This is not only a great addition to any home but also a necessary solution to possible drought and rising municipal water bills. Not every household has the means to afford the huge expenses of installing a borehole and there might not even be a guarantee that underground water could be found under your property.

Rain water on the other hand could be harvested anywhere and in fact should be harvested if at all possible. Here’s why. Harvesting rainwater helps save water and money. The municipal water supply and underground pipes are not in the condition we would like it to be. Many areas in and around Polokwane have found themselves without water for days and sometimes for up to a week or more due to burst pipes or unscheduled emergency reparations. Having a tank or more on your property could save a household or business during those times.

Did you know that using municipal water for your garden is not healthy for the soil? Healthy soil needs healthy bacteria just like your gut. By using municipal water that has been treated with chlorine to kill bacteria that might be harmful to people will also end up killing the healthy bacteria in your soil. Rainwater is the best water to use for your garden. A system could also be added to the rainwater tanks to supply your home with water in the event that your municipal water supply is cut for some reason.

Contact Strydom Plumbers to give you a quote on either a rainwater harvest system or emergency water storage solution. We can help you with a system to suit your budget or a state of the art systems depending on your need and budget.

Plumber Polokwane

When searching on Google for a ‘plumber near me‘, you can type in to find us directly. If you type “plumbers Polokwane”, “plumber Polokwane” or something along that line just look out for Strydom Plumbers to find the right plumbers in Polokwane to help you with your plumbing.

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