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If you are receiving unexplained high water bills or there are damp spots on your wall or ceiling, it could be that you one of your pipes are leaking. This is a problem that could hold some serious consequences and even your life or health could be in danger, not to mention the irreparable damage that it can cause to furniture or the structure of your home. This should not be neglected.

At Strydom Plumbers we have the necessary tools and experience to handle a leak detection for you, so don’t waste time searching for “leak detection Polokwane” or “leak detection plumber”, rather contact us directly.

As a plumber in Polokwane I have seen some really bad cases. Water that forms a pool could put a small child’s life in danger with the possibility of drowning. It could also create an electrical hazard. Don’t compromise your health by allowing mold and bacteria to grow in your home unrestrained due to a water leak.

Leak Detection Polokwane

Leak Causes – There could be many possible problems that cause a leak in a pipe. The two main causes are old pipes or faulty installation. Old pipes are found in old homes or properties and the pipes have worn down over the years. The wall of the pipes gets worn down through continuous use and eventually gets so thin that it easily springs a leak because of pressure in the pipes.

Poor installation often comes from inexperienced or careless plumbers. The plumber might not have the knowledge to use the right pipes in specific areas or might be in a rush to get to the next job and neglects to fasten the pipes properly. Loose pipes vibrate and shakes when water flows through it, especially when air gets trapped inside. Trapped air causes an air hammer effect and this causes even extra friction between the pipe and the concrete wall. Concrete has a rough and uneven surface and this wears down the pipe and causes the pipes to thin out at certain areas over a short time and eventually causing a leak. 

Leak Detection Plumber

Leaks like this are often so small and go unnoticed. The problem with this is that it can cause great damage if it is draining into your foundation or even just into a wall, weakening the structure of the building and not to mention the water wastage and raised water bill. 

At Strydom Plumbers we don’t rush a job ever. We understand that quality work assures returning customers.

Leak detection in Polokwane is our game and once we have located the leak, the repair process starts. This often leads to a wall that needs to be opened up to get to the leaking pipe which could leave the area under a gray dust blanket. Our team is professional and considerate and does their best to keep the mess and damage to a minimum and clean up after themselves. We also clear any building rubble for you so that you don’t sit with the mess afterwards.

Strydom Plumbers are the leak detection plumber that can help you find the leak and fix it in a jiffy.

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