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When it comes to geyser installation you need to have peace of mind that you are getting the right geyser for your family or business purposes and the right plumber to install it for you in the right way. There are more to installing a geyser than meets the eye. No need to type “Geyser Installation Polokwane” or Geyser Installation Plumber” into your search engine. Contact us directly and make sure you call experts like Strydom Plumbers to give you that peace of mind.

Geyser Installation Polokwane

Geyser Size – It is very important to install the correct size geyser for the purpose you’ll need it for. When installing a geyser that is too big for the purpose it will be used for then you will end up wasting loads of money on heating extra water unnecessarily. Installing a geyser that is too small will leave you without enough hot water especially when you need it most. We have the experience to guide you in choosing the correct size geyser for your needs. 

After establishing the correct size, we can move unto choosing the correct type of geyser. Here we’ll look at electrical, gas or solar. We’ll also look at a horizontal or vertical geyser if an electrical geyser is the best option for you and off course an appliance with the best energy rating. 

Geyser orientation – Not a lot of people know that there is a difference in horizontal and vertical geyser installations. When looking for geyser installation Polokwane, make sure you choose a plumber who is savvy enough to guide you in the best option for your space. It was common practice in the old days to mount a geyser vertically. But these days horizontal geysers have become much more common. One of the reasons for this is the growing urban areas that lead to smaller units that are being built. This leads to a challenge when it comes to vertical space that is left. 

Often only horizontal geysers can fit into a tight ceiling space etc. You need to keep in mind that geysers that are mounted horizontally are designed differently than their vertical counterpart. They can be a bit more complicated to install, but not a problem for us at Strydom Plumbers. They can also be a bit more expensive and less energy efficient than the vertical geysers. 

Energy Efficient – Everyone is aware of the drive to live more “green” and do our bit for the environment. Choosing a more modern and energy efficient geyser is easy and not that much more expensive than an old, traditional geyser. In fact most new geysers on the market today already have good energy ratings. But did you know that there are a few inexpensive handy gadgets that can help you not only to achieve a better energy rating but also help you save a lot of energy costs in the long run. 

One of these gadgets is a geyser blanket. A geyser blanket locks in more heat and thus requires less energy to maintain the set water temperature.
Another simple but effective gadget is a timer that can be connected to your geyser that can automatically switch your geyser on or off at the times that suits you best. This way you never have to go through the disappointment of standing in the shower, waiting for the hot water to come through, only to realize that you never switched the geyser back on. 

Switching your geyser off at times when it is not in use, like when you’re away for the weekend or on holiday can do a lot in saving energy. For people who are away at work most of the day this could also be a good option. 


Geyser Installation Plumber

A geyser installation plumber should not only take all your needs into consideration but should also guide you in buying a geyser which will last you for years and years to come. At Strydom Plumbers we have worked long enough in Polokwane to help you choose a quality geyser from a reputable supplier. Call us today to replace or install the correct geyser for you that suits your budget but also give you good quality and the expected lifespan.

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