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This is probably the most common problem any house owner or property owner have experienced. It happens to the best of us. A blocked toilet can be caused by a number of issues and sometimes it could feel like a mystery. This is also one of those jobs that no one wants to have. But fixing a blocked toilet is no mystery or job to dirty for us at Strydom Plumbers. Don’t waste your time searching for “blocked toilet Polokwane” or blocked toilet plumber” on your Google search engine, call us directly and let us get our hands dirty to sort out this mess for you. 

Yes we know, everyone at some point decides to plunge into the deep end with a plunger and tries to unblock the blocked toilet themselves. This method may prove successful at times, but the important thing is to know when a plunger is not is not going to get the job done and when to call in the professionals. It is also important to note that not just any old blocked toilet plumber will handle this situation in a professional and reasonably priced way. At Strydom Plumbers you can count on us to act speedily, professionally and not charge you high fees. 

Blocked Toilet Plumber

So you want to go ahead and try the plunger. In a simple case of too much toilet paper the plunger will most probably get the job done and allow the water to flow freely again. There are also times when the blockage is just persistent and stubborn. You might have a “snake” or want to try the old trick of baking soda and vinegar. Let us tell you, it’s most often not worth the hassle, especially cleaning that “snake” and plunger properly afterwards. Not to mention the damage a plunger can cause if used incorrectly to the wax ring at the base of your toilet. Breaking the wax ring can cause flooding and that can lead to water damage and end up costing you way more than just letting us unblock your toilet quickly and correctly from the start.  Damage can also be because of drain cleaners causing corrosion and leaks in your pipes leading to even more damage and costs. No, it is not worth it. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle a blocked toilet in the correct way.

Is your child missing a toy that mysteriously disappeared? Or are you missing something important and last time you saw your toddler walking towards the bathroom with it? It may be stuck somewhere between a porcelain wall and a hard place or even farther down than you think. If the foreign object travels down into the drain line underneath the toilet don’t bother with any tool or trick, only Strydom Plumbers can reach far enough to pull the precious toy or missing object out. Don’t leave this for too long, because if the object travels too far down it could damage the drain lines. 

Funky Smell?

Is there a funky smell coming from your toilet or close by? This may be an indication of a bigger problem that needs serious attention. There might be a hidden leak as a result from a clog or over strained toilet. This can cause a multitude of problems. Just living with the awful smell is already bad enough and not to mention the health problems it can cause. A hidden leak can also cause your water bill to rise or cause water damage to your property and cause black mold to form. This is not something you want to mess with as it can cause serious respiratory problems. There is not really anything you can do to effectively solve this issue and this is the right time to phone us and let us make sure the block and leak is resolved and no more causes for mold to grow. 

Blocked Toilet Polokwane

When searching for “blocked toilet Polokwane” or “blocked toilet plumber” look out for us, Strydom Plumbers, the plumbers in Polokwane who are your go to for funky smells or blocked toilets.   

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