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Many of us have experienced a blocked drain before and this is one thing that we want to have fixed and fixed fast. Strydom Plumbers are here to help, so don’t bother searching for “blocked drain Polokwane” or “blocked drain plumber”. Call us directly to get fast and friendly service. We have the experience and right equipment to sort out that blocked drain for you. 

A blocked drain is a very common problem and one we have dealt with efficiently many times. Not every blocked drain is caused by the same problem. Some blocked drains are the cause of old pipes that collapse or crack and allow tree roots to enter and block the pipe. Some get blocked over time due to sediment that builds up in the pipes. 

Flushing down foreign objects in your toilet or basin can also cause drains to get blocked. Remember to be careful with hot oils or fat in your zink. These cool down in the pipes and have a tendency to pack together and form a buildup and eventually a complete block. Rather allow oils and fat to cool down and dispose of it in your bin. 

Blocked Drain Polokwane

Most of us have come across a blocked drain at some point in our lives and can testify of the horrible smell and possibly disgusting overflow of sewerage. This can be a serious health hazard and one that is best left to us at Strydom Plumbers.

We’ll come out as fast as we can to assess the situation and deal with your blocked drain professionally and efficiently with the right tools. We also respect your space and make sure to clean up after the job so that you don’t sit with the mess afterwards. No blocked drain has ever blocked us from fixing it, be it at a school, home or even large office block, we can handle it.

The best course of action is first, assess the problem, pinpoint where exactly the blockage is and how serious it is. The next step is to decide what needs to be done to unblock the drain. You can be sure that we will keep you informed and give you a fair and reasonable quote to get the problem fixed. Once we’ve agreed and you know what you are paying for we’ll get right to it. 

Blocked Drain Plumber

Here are some few points on what you can expect:

To know what tools to use you need to know what the cause of the problem is. Most drains can be unblocked by a mechanism called a drain rod cleaner. The rod cleaner works with a series of interconnected rods. The rod cleaner is then pushed down the pipe until it connects with the blockage. Right at the front of the rod there is a spiral hook. When the rod gets twisted at the back end with a lever, the hook is spiraled into the blockage like a cork screw into a cork. It then gets pulled out pulling the plug out along with it. 

A high-pressure water jet is used when the blockage is out of reach. This is a much more sophisticated tool and often sorts out the problem if the blockage can’t be removed with the drain rod cleaner. 

When looking for a blocked drain plumber you don’t have to look any further than Strydom Plumbers. We are the blocked drain Polokwane plumbers that can sort out your plumbing problems in a flash. 

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